7 Things That Totally Look Like Fruits (But Are Actually Butts)

7 Things That Totally Look Like Fruits (But Are Actually Butts)

7 Things That Totally Look Like Fruits (But Are Actually Butts)

Butts are very popular , it's clear to notice from rap videos to car advertisements, pop music to fashion magazines. BUT WHY?
You just need to spend time looking at the nature for a while, you’ll realize what a wonderful and butt-filled world we live in.
Here we’re showing 7 fruits? No, actually they’re butts!
‘What’s up, Internet!’ You may be astonished.
Well, we got 3 simple hacks to save you time and money to make your butts as sweet and eye-catching as real fruit.

Find a qualified body painter

Discuss your ideas with the body painter beforehand. Better to make a rough sketch of the overall design you want.

Decide the paint material

You may choose liquid latex, acrylic, enamel to interpret, even cosmetic-grade glitter to level up the performance.

Prepare colorful Underwear

Since you “cosplay” your butt as fruit, you should prepare the underwear color similar to the fruit you choose, such as pink for peach and purple for grape.  

As you already know, the cloth colorfastness is important for skin. Colorfastness is graded from 1-5, the higher the number, the better the grade. The least acceptable grade is Grade 3. The British Royal family wears clothing with at least Grade 4 colorfastness, which ensures no fading when washing and also prevents harmful dyes from damaging your skin.

Pure5.5 underwear come in 7 collections with 31 vibrant colors, have a Grade 4 colorfastness which essentially makes them fit for Kings. Order today on Amazon!

It's believed that you love your fruit butts deeply and want to show to your friend. So take photos as much as you can to show off this unique art lifestyle at your social platform.

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