aPure Launches Your Exclusive Gift to Relieve Itching

7 is a mystery number. There’s a saying that any couple has a challenge in a cycle of 7 years that's called the seven-year itch. Couples will either be feeling frustrated and disappointed or be more in love than ever if you sail through the certain period together. But our bodies completely replace all of our cells every 7 years, technically the one you married originally no longer exists.

Hitting the 7-year milestone is never easy. It’s also a good chance to pause, look back and adjust. You go through sweet-n-hot, conflicts and fights, silence and make-up, together over and over, thence your relationship becomes more precious. BUT HOW?

Think in an Opposite Way

Most unpleasant emotion comes with unfair or unbalanced circumstances, thus keeping balance of the relationship and put yourself in his/her shoes are very important. If you are not a Model, don’t ask your partner to be an Angle. It helps on self-relief.

Communicate in the right time and the right place

It’s not a right time to communicate while you're in the middle of something that makes you distracted like using your Blackberry, driving, watching TV, or flipping through the sports section. Stay rational to face emotional issue before being sensuous and patient to overcome negative feeling with positive message.   

Get a Gift that Help to Achieve Mental and Physical Balance

Another Ace is an extremely soft, breathable, and bare Underwear! Make him/her feels more peaceful and comfortable, get rid of humidity and irritation. Relief of physical itch leads to a better mood, better communication, and no more mental itch.

【What do you do When Your Lover Is Mad At You?】

💁‍♀: I remind him I moved out of state for him. (🧝‍♀: Big Sacrifice!) ↓ 

💁‍♀: I piss on the toilet seat on purpose. (🧝‍♀: No, you don’t!) ↓ 

💁‍♀: I tighten all the things with caps so she has to ask me for help. (🧝‍♀: Good one!) ↓ 

💁‍♀: I Buy her Pure5.5, the ACE of Underwear (🧝‍♀Thoughtful and Brilliant!!) ↓ 

Don’t Lose Your Faith In Love No Matter What Happened!

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Meet Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear

Our spirit is "Enjoy a Pure Life", Pure5.5 contains up to 50% of TENCEL™ and high percentage of Acrylate from Japan to surround intimate skin with the natural material and provide best care 24/7. Features Skin pH Balancing, long-lasting softness which also boasts of intense durability, excellent Color Retention and breathability, thermal Regulation and Unfavorable for bacterial growth. Nourish Your Relationship on Amazon’s BlackFriday!

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