“An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have, but that he – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them.”-Andy Worhol

Brand Story of aPure

aPure, the brand from Taiwan, is coincidentally the same spelling with one state of Venezuela, Apure, a place with well natural ecological balance.

We are already here with our customers for 16 years
Started from a pair of socks solving Repeated Vexations
Now Become a leading company of Functional Fiber Clothing
aPure Represents the idea of Smart Casual Life
Apply Best materials that are Friendly to Both Skin & Environment Only

  • Apply Botanic Origin TENCEL™ Fiber from Austria which is Biodegradable and No Pesticide
  • Use Weak-Acid Acrylate Fiber from Japan
  • Production Process Passed Europe High-standard Environmental Testing
  • No Toxic sewage and Waste During Production
  • Royal Privileged Colorfastness
  • Reliable Made-In-Taiwan Quality


aPure's Intention

aPure Sought to offer the best, the trend, and the whole-hearted products. To Bring the Tenderest and Purest care to your life naturally brought into your life, to maintain the ecological balance of nature, the physical and mental balance of you, aPure is not only making apparels but also an attitude from the inside out.

We use gentle, eco-friendly and effective materials only. It worth every penny with aPure as you are pursuing a better life you want, a Better World you tend to Build!

Where we start...

aPure has a solid faith believe that everyone deserves a better and a pure life. Unlike other apparel brands, we didn’t start from a fancy design but a physical condition.

The brand founder, Simon, used to suffer from smelly foot, a common issue in Asia because of the weather is humid in most of the time, foot odor caused him some inconvenience eventually. A rebellious intention “Why was there no any product that can help? I don’t want to live with odor anymore” came out.
The deodorant socks called PureSocks produced by the aPure brand received a lot of positive reviews from customers in a very short time, mainly from people who suffered from foot odor and compensatory hyperhidrosis. This led to increased orders and demand, the founder then determined to expand product lines.


aPure=Creative Production of Green Fashion

We are just like a dense tree living for 16 years

Bringing Green Trends and Green Sights to Your Life

It worth every penny with aPure as you are pursuing a better life you want,

a better world you tend to build!

aPure Performs Comfort, Durability and Reliability 

aPure's 5 Principles

"Chillaxing Life"

Always Leave a Space to Chill & Relax

"Inner Beauty"

Live with Beauty & Health. Mentally & Physically.

"Aesthetic Style"

Stick to the Life you Want to Have

"Simple Cutting"

Simple is Always Classic

"Green Fashion"

Passion Led Us Here

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