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feHot clothing contains Acrylate - a unique active heat generating fiber - unlike generic “thermal” clothing. You need to get real thermal Clothing that interweaves...

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feHot clothing contains Acrylate - a unique active heat generating fiber - unlike generic “thermal” clothing.

You need to get real thermal Clothing that interweaves and interlaces active heat-generating fibers. Acrylate with TENCEL™ fiber adjusts humidity on the skin’s surface. When the summer is hot and humidity is high, TENCEL™ actively absorb the moisture. When the skin’s surface is too dry, it will actively liberate the moisture. TENCEL™ is not only breathable and gentle on the skin, the fiber also has low thermal conductivity and is resistant to bacteria retention.

7 Key Innovations


The raw materials adopt the active moisture-absorbing and heat-generating fiber imported from Japan. Each piece of feHot clothing contains Japan’s TOYOBO Acrylate. It absorbs sweat and regulates humidity and temperature for the best wearing experience.3 The fibers have a silky elegant luster, as well as excellent moisture-absorbing and heat-generating properties. The SGS professional test has confirmed that it can heat up to 10.8°F! feHot is perfect for the winter and especially attractive for people who become cold easily.

Heat Storage

feHot fabric has a fine fleece finish with a velvety inner layer. It feels as thick and soft as down feather, effectively blocking heat convection. Through the thin and dense space on the surface, feHot accumulates heat between the human body and clothing. This heat is stored and circulated keeping you warm all winter long.

Gentle and Smooth

feHot is made with Eco-soft materials and is biodegradable. In addition, feHot is smooth as silk with twice the softness of cotton, laying gently on the body with no itchy sensation. The natural anti-wrinkle properties give feHot clothing a low shrinkage rate preventing the stiffness seen in cotton yarn clothing. All feHot clothing retains its characteristics through heavy washing.

Clean, Deodorized and Dry

The active heat-generating fiber Acrylate used in feHot has a unique structure for acid-based neutralization, eliminating odor caused by sweat reacting with bacteria in the air. Blended with TENCEL™ Lyocell or TENCEL™ Micro Modal Air fiber, it creates a unique environment that destroys bad bacteria and prevents sulfide and nitride odors.

Quick Wick Technology

The Acrylate fiber in feHot acts as a humidity regulator with five times the effect of natural cotton. it is a performance indicator of the moisture absorption and releasing effect of the existing fibers and can intelligently regulate humidity and temperature as air circulates. The fiber is very fine, with an obvious moisture absorbing permeability.  Your clothes stay dry, you stay comfortable, and your skin becomes moisturized without the stickiness! The greatest benefit of the quick wick tech is that feHot fibers help you avoid the cold sweat.

Low Static

The Acrylate active heating fiber used by feHot can retain a moderate amount of moisture in the body and reduce static electricity caused by dry friction from rubbng against a charged object, including feHot itself.

No Deformation

aPure has implemented a special weaving method for feHot clothing to create a wear-resistant style that does not cur or fray at the edges. This method is called S-twist + Z-twist. Using alternate weaving methods such as this adds to the durability of the clothing. Remember the tug –o-war rope from your child? Imagine playing with a generic thermal shirt, and then replace it with feHot technology. It is certain that feHot’s structural integrity is the best on the market but we advise against using it as a rope. It works much better as heat-generating clothing.

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